Turning Tables

I set out to complete a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a WHILE now. Am I crazy for doing it two days before Noelle’s due date? Probably. Did I do it anyway? Of course!

My mom bought this table at a garage sale years ago for $15. It did not come with chairs, or a leaf, but it had so much charm and potential. When I moved into my own apartment a few years ago she let me have it, since they were not using it. It was the perfect size for an apartment. I bought some cheap-ish chairs from target and I’ve been using it ever since. My Dad made us a makeshift leaf out of plywood and while it always fit, the finishes did not match so I had to use a tablecloth anytime I wanted to use the leaf. You’ve probably seen it in other blog posts, our Coastal Kitchen has the perfect little nook for this table, surrounded by bay windows that look out into our back yard and the water. Not that there was anything wrong with the table, but I was ready to spruce it up a bit, and make it more…me. Which means, it needed to be more of a gray, and not brown.

It took me a while to decide whether or not I wanted to strip and stain it, or just use chalk paint to give it a makeover. My current state (39 weeks and 5 days pregnant) helped me to decide on the easier, less chemically involved method of chalk paint and white wash. Here are the supplies I used for the chalk paint and Polyurethane, and a cameo of Noelle!


The best part about chalk paint is that you don’t have to sand or strip the wood before using it. I simply painted right over the table, with two coats to ensure everything was covered evenly.

Table In Progress

I also gave the base of the table a fresh coat of white semigloss paint (BEHR) to spruce it up and made it look bright and shiny!

Here is a tutorial with photos on how to do the whitewash over the top of the two coats of chalk paint. Make sure it is FULLY dry first! For the white wash mixture, I used Rock Candy acrylic latex paint with a Satin finish, (leftover from the nursery) and mixed it with equal parts water, and this cheap brush. ALWAYS try everything out on a sample piece of wood first. Make sure you like it, and that everything works well together. I also did a little research on the best way to seal chalk paint, and found this helpful blog post, Thanks Painted Vintage!

White Wash materials

  1. Brush on the watery-paint mixture liberally, in one direction as straight as you can, and don’t worry about it being very wet, because you will be wiping it off!
  2. Once you’ve brushed a small area, grab a rag and begin wiping it off, keeping it with the grain of the wood, and staying in a straight line. You don’t want to do too much at a time, or it can dry too quickly before you are able to wipe it off.
  3. Wipe off as much or as little as you want, it will begin to blend with the paint beneath it, and you will start to see some depth where the wash is left behind. Always remember, you can add more white wash, so wipe off as much as you can and if you want it to be whiter, add more later. If you don’t wipe enough and it dries, it is more difficult to remove.**IMPORTANT: don’t wipe too hard! You can risk removing the paint beneath it.
    See below for step-by-step pictures of the process:

Here is what the table looks like HALF white-washed, and half with just chalk paint:

white wash in progress half 2

Here is the finished white-washed look before the Polyurethane coat was applied..

Table before poly 2Table before poly 3

Here is what the Polyurethane looked like going on.. I applied 5 coats, since we will be using this kitchen table multiple times per day, and it gets a lot of wear and tear! I did let it dry the full 2 hours in between each coat. It did not stink as much as I expected it to and was able to do it right in our kitchen with a ceiling fan on overhead.

Here are some FINISHED product pictures, with all 5 coats on the table. The best part is, the leaf looks exactly like the rest of the table and it blends in perfectly! No tablecloth needed!! We are still on the hunt for new chairs, but once we find them, I will post an updated picture.

finished table set

finished table set 0

Not too shabby for one day’s work for a very pregnant lady! Maybe now that Mommy has finished her project you’ll be ready for us to meet you, little one!

baby bump 39 weeks 5 days


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