There’s a 50% chance you’re right!

I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately, but I have another milestone to share! The hubby and I are going to have another renovation to do pretty soon, and it’s changing the guest room into a nursery! We are thrilled and beyond excited, and enjoying every minute of this new adventure. Currently, I am enjoying finding out that so many of my friends and relatives are actually psychics, and I never even knew! Just kidding, but the second you tell people one thing about your pregnancy, they automatically know what gender you are having.


I welcome the guesses, don’t get me wrong, I think probably because I don’t really care about the outcome. In a perfect world I would love one of each, so this time around, I am just happy I’m gonna have a baby. However, I have never been one to pass up a chance to do some research and make an educated guess. So I thought it would be fun to play along and write down all of the myths and silly wives tales out there, and see what they said about my baby.

I am including a free PDF download for all you expectant mothers out there to play along too! All the myths from different sites in one place in a convenient and color-coded checklist. (Yep, I have always been this way, nope it’s not a pregnancy symptom!) I included a screen shot, but the PDF will open in a new window if you click on the following link! If you’ve recently had a baby take a look and comment below with which ones were accurate!
Boy or Girl Predictor Myths  CLICK HERE

boy or girl

Before I tell you what my outcome was, I have to just share a few thoughts on the matter.   I must start off by saying that I KNOW these are myths, and there is really not a whole lot of scientific basis behind any of them. I do get that, but some of them have me a little concerned.

I did not include this one myth because I just can’t get behind it. I read that if a pregnant woman’s pee is a pale yellow color it will be a girl, and if it is bright yellow it will be a boy. I’m sorry, but WHAT? Even if you don’t have a background in physiology, you would know that when you drink a lot of water, your pee naturally gets lighter and clearer in color, and when you don’t drink enough water, it’s darker. Additionally, when you take a giant multivitamin, your pee might become a neon yellow color because you are peeing out parts of the vitamin that your body did not need (to keep it simple). So, PLEASE do not get alarmed or confused when you wake up, and your pee is telling you that you are having a boy, and then as you drink the recommended amount of water throughout the day (9 gazillion oz) your pee suddenly screams bows and tutus. This myth DOES however, shed some light on another one (that I did include on the list) which is that if you are having a lot of headaches you are having a boy, and if you are not then you are having a girl. Ok well there you go, if you are dehydrated, you will have headaches. If you are dehydrated your pee will be darker in color. There is a third myth about having dry hands if it’s a boy, that confirms the theory yet again: if you are dehydrated throughout pregnancy you’re gonna have a boy! Congrats! Now drink some water!

Ok but in all seriousness, these are just supposed to be fun and silly. I have no words for the wedding ring over the belly, and some of the weird things people want you to mix your pee in (Draino? baking soda?)…but I will try anything that isn’t too disgusting or harmful to my baby.

I bet you are wondering what my outcome was huh? Otherwise why would you be reading still? I mean all I’ve done so far is talk about pee. I have to say, I can’t answer every single question yet, and I did not feel like doing any chemistry experiments this morning, so I did skip a few. At this time I’ve only answered 14 of them. It’s actually a scientifically correct outcome, and I am very pleased with it. Based on the responses I gave on this checklist, there is exactly a 50% chance that it is a girl, and a 50% chance that it is a boy! For real, I got 7 girl responses and 7 boy responses. And before you say a word, the doc has already confirmed there is only ONE baby! So there you have it. I guess we will have to keep waiting until the ultrasound!

P.s. I’d love to hear your results! When I actually have the baby I’ll comment back with which ones proved to be accurate!

UPDATE!!! We had our 20 week ultrasound and found out that we are in fact having a baby girl! So, now I can share the myths that were actually correct (for me), but I would not put any stock in them regardless. Have you had a baby recently? Which ones were true for you?

My true myths were (going down in order on the sheet): fetal heart rate, complexion, Catlike, Non-swollen legs, Infrequent headaches, soft hands, and the Chinese/Mayan folklore. The other one that is not included on the list, was to ask a child to touch your belly and tell you the gender and somehow they will be correct. My sweet niece (3 years old) touched it and whispered “It’s a girl” with complete confidence. So there you go! Good luck with your guesses and remember, this is all in good fun, but NOT at all a true predictor!

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