Handlettering Challenge

Have you ever been too afraid to try something, something you know you can be good at, simply because your fear is getting in your own way? Many creatives have this struggle, and it can lead to hours and hours of LTSM (living through social media). You can spend 4 hours on Pinterest, pinning things that you want to make, and yet you’re still not doing it. You can swipe through instagram for 45 minutes looking at all the crafty things, but yet when you finish you still have nothing to show for it.

NO MORE! Take control over your creative mind. I am not saying you can’t use social media for inspiration, because I do that ALL the time, but I do caution you to not get sucked into that rabbit hole, and never move past the screen. Something I had always wanted to try was handlettering. I saw all the pretty things out there, and being someone who works with vinyl, I have so many beautiful fonts to stare at all the time. One day I finally decided to try it. I bought some brush pens, a handlettering book (by Megan Wells – link to amazon), and I scribbled, erased, sketched, and swirled until I made myself comfortable with the art.

Next I bought a blank sketchbook, and found time every morning to sit and write something. It did not have to be perfect, because it was just for me, but it did have to be done. This was so relaxing that it became my morning coffee routine, and now I find that I look forward to it the moment I wake up. It’s my time to be by myself, to create, and to find inspiration for the day. It’s been a whole year since I started this journey, and 4 months since I started my sketchbook, which is more than halfway full.

I encourage you to try something like this, even 5 minutes a day of practice will make a world of a difference!

I’ve even taken my lettering onto other media!

Free Spirit SlabIMG_6401

In honor of my year of lettering, I am sharing with you my own handlettering practice sheets, in hopes that you will try it out! Find a pen, set your spotify, get comfy on the couch, and create! Share your creations by commenting below, or tagging @freespiritcraft on instagram! I’d love to see what you make!!

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD: A-Z Handlettering Practice

Some of my current favorite pens:

Kelly Creates Metallic




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