Master Bath Part II

First I need to make sure you’re familiar with PART I of this remodel…so before you continue make sure you catch up! Check out: If Walls Could Talk 

An Excerpt for those who just need a refresher… “As for the shower, it’s fine, and functional…but a little cramped, not unlike the rest of the bathroom. Luckily for us it butts up agains two closets, and we live in a ranch so there is room to go UP and OUT. This is the process we decided to put off for now, until we get married or hit the lotto. Whichever comes first. Either way, it will happen eventually (future post to look forward to).”

OK well, I’m sad to say we did not hit the lotto, but thrilled to say we did get married, so at least my prediction was somewhat spot on! And thus, brings me to this post. It’s a little late but I’ve been busy, so better late than never! As stated in the previous post, we did take over two closets, and went UP with our shower. We completely took over the linen closet (which is why my Hubby built the other one Closet Post Here) and only about half of the bedroom closet in the other room. It was so large you can’t even tell anything is missing from it, now it just looks like a normal closet. 

I am happy to say the “contractor contempt” we discussed in the previous post was NOT the case this time. We found the most wonderful contractor who was both professional and personable, and are SO happy with the way this bathroom remodel came out. I’m giving him a shout-out, that’s how much we liked him, so if you’re in the Hampton Roads area you should look him up!

Honestly the hardest part of this renovation was choosing what tile I wanted. I spent countless hours on Pinterest (click for my bathroom remodel board) and Google trying to find glass tiled showers with a coastal feel.  I knew I did not want fake marble tile, and I kind of had my heart set on glass simply because it looks the most like water. I found the fugliest green glass tiles, (In reality, actual seafoam is really nasty looking, in case anyone was wondering, so naming a color after it does NOT make me want it in my home) and while there were solid baby blue glass tiles at our local tile shops, I was way underwhelmed. If you remember my counter, it was necessary to find something that tied into that deep blue color, but I did not want the whole shower to be dark blue so I was looking for variations of blue. I had seen one shower with an ombre effect and kind of fell in love with it. It reminded me of the ocean, when the sun is shining on it, and allowed me to keep the bottom part dark, but use lighter blues to keep the space looking bigger.

We had settled on the cheapest stuff for our kitchen back in the day and I was NOT going to let that happen again. Of course, we weren’t remodeling our entire home this time around, so I could sway the Hubby a little more to rig the budget to be heavier towards the tile. You see, one thing you should know about me is I am cursed with expensive taste. I am not saying that I will buy it, but 100% of the time, if you asked me to pick my favorite of something without showing me price, it WILL be the most expensive option. I don’t know, I’m just lucky I guess. So naturally, there was ONE type of glass tile that I found on the internet that I fell madly in love with. It is hand-painted so each piece looks a little different, and comes in three beautiful shades of blue. It was $18.99 per square foot and on Houzz, so there were no discounts. Whoops. This meant I had to budge a little, and decided to make an accent wall with the glass tile, and find some kind of (shudder) porcelain tile for the other two walls.  Here is the tile in case you want some yourself: Dark Haven Blue, Medium Haven Blue, Light Haven Blue.

Some work in progress pics:

I really thought it was near impossible to find a porcelain tile that I liked, and I was so against just plain white that I was kind of grumpy about this part. We went to our local tile shop, and I was about to give up when I saw this really cool pearlized textured white-gray tile. It sparkled! It was porcelain! It was not cheap! But who cares?! We ordered some samples, and the minute we had it next to the glass we knew it was going to be our other two walls. The guy installing the tile made an amazing recommendation to lay the tile vertical and scatter it to make it look more beachy, and he was so right! The tile is called Maya Bianco. It looks white in some lighting and light gray in other lighting.

We had a faux wood tile in mind for the floor because our whole house has wood flooring, and we truly saved the most with this, going with the Lowe’s Special for about $2.49 a square foot. We love it, honestly it does the job and looks beautiful.



Of course, the tile I chose for the walls does not come in a floor tile. Whoops. We really did not want to add a fourth type of tile to the mix so the only option was to use the faux wood in the shower too, and they made it look AMAZING. It meant we had to install a french drain, which of course is more expensive (insert cheesy full mouth smile here) but it looks really cool.


Moment of Honesty Here: I don’t love the french drain. It’s fancy and looks awesome, but it is the LOUDEST thing I’ve ever heard. It’s louder than our fan that we installed. Picture your full bathtub draining water…that gurgling loud sucking sound…that’s what it sounds like all the time. Well, not all the time, when it gets clogged with hair after 2 weeks (I’ve timed it, its about 10  days) it’s the quietest thing ever! I have a LOT of hair, it’s long and curly, and I’ve always used shower drain traps my whole life. I also prevent as much hair from even getting to the drain as possible, and throw it out after the shower (our trash can looks kind of scary). We had the drain with holes all over it in our last shower, and in two years we did not have to snake the drain ONCE. Now I am stuck cleaning NASTY hair and whatever we washed off our bodies (sorry for the image) about every 2 weeks. Not a fan. If I could do it over, I’d nix that drain or find one that doesn’t clog so easily.
Style and looks: 5 stars.
Ease of Maintenance: Maybe the top point of one star.

We went with a recessed niche that spans the whole accent wall, and we LOVE it. It really allowed us to keep the ombre look we wanted, and made it flow better. It holds all the things, and girls have a lot of shower things, and it’s beautiful! Another thing I really wanted was a ledge to rest my feet when I shave my legs. I was tired of having to do the forward fold move every time. I had an idea in my head, but it did not really work as well with the two adjoining walls being different tile. The contractor suggested a piece of stone instead of my idea, and I slowly warmed up to it. Once he showed me the piece he had, a white-gray quartz, I was totally on board. It’s perfect for its purpose, and it looks pretty. It also ties into the coloring of the floor so I am really happy with it. It does get a little cold, but my feet are not on there too long, so I can deal.


Even though we bought this fancy rain shower head, we ended up putting the one we had bought for our previous shower back on. If you want to get clean, would  you stand outside in a drizzle or a downpour? Both of us like water pressure, so it was an easy decision. I mean, if you like conditioner residue in your hair, by all means. I really only bought it for the handle fixture anyway as it came as a set and I am very happy with that.

We replaced the toilet, mirror, and light fixture (though I did repurpose the old ones in the guest bathroom), and used a different paint color for the walls this time around. It is called SKY HIGH by Sherwin Williams. I matched it to the lightest blue tile, and it’s beautiful. I felt like there were enough powerful blue tones in the bathroom and this was subtle, close to white, and more of an icy blue. I think it goes better with the countertop than the previous Tidewater too. We kept the wainscoting to keep the beachy feel, and because we did not want to pay more to fix the crazy walls underneath (see previous post).


We got a sliding glass shower door, that does require a LOT of maintenance. Our rule is if you are the last person to shower in the morning (usually me) or you are showering way before the other person and it’s likely to dry before they use it (usually him) you have to squeegee it.  So really that means every time you shower, you squeegee. It’s a small price to pay to not have to use the glass cleaner every other day. We paid extra for this grout that is supposed to be low maintenance and not get moldy or soap scum-y. I really don’t like cleaning showers, if you couldn’t tell. Overall we are thrilled and LOVE the new updates!


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