Closet Construction

Remember the post on the guest bathroom?

To refresh your memory, there is an awkward space where a random {ugly} vanity used to live right outside the bathroom, just off the hallway. We ripped everything out of that space, and it has just been sitting there, unfinished and lonely…waiting to be reborn into something great!

You may also recall my post on the master bathroom

Just to’s small. Very small. The “shower” is likened to a telephone booth with a faucet instead of a phone. The tile is old, I can’t keep the grout clean, and overall it just grosses me out. We have big plans to make this stall into a nice, normal-sized shower, with room to shave legs without concussions. There is a linen closet right at the end of the hall, that backs up right against the “shower” wall.  The plan is to get rid of the linen closet and expand the shower into that space.  “GASP! NO CLOSET FOR LINENS?! But where will you put all your lace doilies?!” not to worry, there’s always a plan! I decided that the weird awkward space outside the guest bathroom could become a glorious oversized linen closet! So easy! Right? Maybe (dot dot dot).

My hubby asked for a chop saw for Christmas, because he wants to build all the things! So of course, I got him one. So naturally his first project was building me a closet! We learned quite quickly, that we don’t work well together, so we have our very separate, very individualized roles in this project. As a couple, we go together like french fries and a burger, great on our own and even more glorious together.  As a renovation team, however, we are long nails and a chalkboard. Great on their own, but the minute you combine them, it’s a painful experience for everyone.  I am the designer/contractor/ painter/certified holder of whatever large piece is being cut on the table saw when beckoned..and then I disappear. Far far away. Hubby (along with my father) is doing all the dirty work – measuring, framing, drywalling, mudding, nailing, drilling, sanding, cutting, cursing, and overall making everything a giant mess. I LOVE him though, so it’s ok. I am turning off the mild OCD-driven must-clean-up voice in my head, and just walking past it all. So far, no husbands have been injured in the making of this closet!

This is what used to be the home of my known as sawdust central.



And this is what I’ve had to ignore, or hurdle over, as I tried to carry baskets of laundry down the hallway..


As I mentioned, I had the reigns on the design part of this closet. Every girl’s dream! I requested that there be a larger space to store my vacuum/mops/swiffer because they currently live in the weird bathroom/laundry room. No joke, I store my smaller vacuum INSIDE the walk-in bathtub.  You laugh, but the only person to notice so far has been my very very tall father! So anyway, I requested that the closet be split in two, with one side full of shelving, and the other side a larger enough space for these items and then shelving above it. I showed him some pinterest photos, and he laughed, and then he did what he felt comfortable with. I have to say he is doing an amazing job giving me the basic gist of what I asked for.

Geeking out for just a moment…The space that will store my vacuum, happens to have the outlet in it from the old vanity space. So, not only can I store my vacuum, but I can charge it while it’s in there!!! I KNOW RIGHT?! ….What is happening to me?

ANYWAY. Now for some WIP pics!
Here is the framing work that My hubby and Dad did together, after Hubby and I had some differences of opinions as to how to drill a hole in a piece of wood. 😀
…I am SO going to miss those light fixtures….NOT!



Here is how it looked with a fresh coat of drizzle from Sherwin Williams – did not last long sadly..



Here is some shelving being installed, and drywall/mud in the process of becoming walls.



This has been going on for a few weeks, and needless to say, my mild OCD has gotten the best of me on a few occasions. After begging for my garage back, since the project was on hold for some reason or another (Big Super Bowl party that ended up more like a play date, etc.) my Hubby cleaned and moved my car back inside (after the snowstorm).  The following weekend Hubby went and got all the wood needed to frame the doorway on the outside and make it look all pretty.  He did one of those “husband moves” where he knew it was my day off and that I was planning on painting the walls, and said “If you want to paint the molding that’s in the garage tomorrow too, that would be great…you know if you have time and you really want to…” and I did one of those wife things, where she wonders what her husband thinks she does all day on her “day off” (picturing myself having a private dance party in every room and then putting my feet up to eat all the chocolate in the house) and said, “Not making ANY promises, I have a laundry list of things to do, and I am only painting to get those ugly walls covered NOT because I want to…”

So, of course, I ended up painting the molding for him. However, before I could even start the process, I discovered the paint can lid completely covered in paint and stuck to the can itself, and my paint roller in shambles still attached to an old slightly soggy paint-filled roller.  I heard this robot voice come on over the loudspeakers in the garage, “UNTIDY HUMAN – SYSTEM OVERLOAD – ERROR ERROR ERROR..” I blacked out, and next thing I knew I was awake, in the garage with a clean roller and brush ready to paint the molding. I looked around, there were no bodies on the ground..phew, that’s right he was at work! —Remember, there were no husbands harmed in the making of this closet. We did have a nice chat about it though!

To make matters worse, the following day, when my dad came over to help Hubby put all the beautifully painstakingly painted wood molding up, Hubby came to learn that he had bought the WRONG molding, could not use what he bought, and had to go buy more..Wifey had to leave the house with Mom and cool off a little bit. We went to lunch and then to a boat show, because sitting on a boat even when it’s in the middle of a showroom can somehow calm me down.  I felt much better afterwards, good enough even to give him lots of crap about the wood for the rest of the day, and the next day, without being mean or angry about it really.

Another hiccup in the process, and why this post is about to end without a FINISHED picture, is that one of the doors came damaged, and we had to return it and order another one. After what was a quite terrifying fix to another hiccup, that I can’t bring myself to share, we had one door installed, and unfinished molding up. Hubby has to paint the molding AND find a place to put up the beautifully painted crown molding that we now have sitting around.  I still have to paint the walls, once the mud is smooth enough and the dust completely cleaned off the walls. 

Here it is with the one door and the molding that I did NOT spend all day painting. Finished pictures will have to come later, and I promise it will be much later. Do don’t like hold your breath or anything. We will get to it, when we get to it!


April 25th POST UPDATE!! We got to it! It’s been “finished” for a month or so but I am finally now putting up pictures..I say “finished” because someone still needs to paint the front of the shelving and put up molding to cover the middle piece of plywood but he’s been working out in the yard so I’m just being thankful that there are doors to close!


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