Finding Zen

Well friends, it’s been a while.  To those of you who have followed us through this journey of renovations, I have just a few updates for you, before I get to the more important changes…

  • The closet doors in my craft room finally match (woohoo!).
  • The pocket door to the kitchen is fully retracted (and will never be shut again).
  • The shades in the master bath also finally match.
  • My Etsy Shop is up and running!
  • I’m still obsessed with our outrageously expensive bed.
  • My new elliptical is still in its box.

Ok that about sums it up! Now, for the good stuff!

Did you ever stop in the middle of doing laundry and think, “I wish I could soak in a bath tub and listen to this laundry tumble,” ? or MAYBE you have a tiny bladder, and really have the urge to pee whenever you hear that washer fill up? Have We Got The Room For You!! We call it the laundry-room-bathroom! It’s the strangest most multi-functional room we’ve ever encountered. Honest, we have used it for the following purposes:

  • Laundry (duh)
  • Makeshift kitchen during renovations (you can make your coffee and pee at the same time!)
  • Storage area for all things during renovations (paint, ladders, tables, you name it)
  • Bathroom for most guests, because BONUS, it’s right off the kitchen!
  • Storage for vacuums and cleaning supplies.
  • Location for all home electrical work, and home of the circuit breaker – conveniently squished in the corner by the dryer.

Like I said, multifunctional..oh and did I mention the walk-in-bathtub?? We were toying with charging people to wash their pets in it.  We’ve offered to give it away to anyone who steps foot in our house. One of these days I might even soak my feet in it. Who knows, the possibilities are endless!

So we have been in the house for just over a year (crazy right?!) and as you may well know, EVERY room in the house has been painted, and EVERY bit of flooring re-done. Right? WRONG! This wonderfully odd multifunctional old-lady-tub-having room had not been touched. Original semi-cracked white tile floors with mud colored grout, (WHO DOES THAT), original knotty pine cabinets, original fugly yellow walls, and original dirt-tan painted molding—plus nasty brown quarter round, in Some areas, and bits of new molding that were added as an after thought..I counted FOUR different types of trim in that room alone people. Oh and the fanciest darn lighting fixture with crown molding over the tub that shines so bright you could probably see every hair follicle on your body, and land an airplane. Add that to the function list!

Anyway, now I know you’re dying to see so without further ado..



Needleess to say, I have been going INSANE walking into this room day after day, staring at this mess. With a wedding and life in general, we have not had a free weekend, and I don’t paint after 8pm so doing it after work is out. I finally had a free weekend, and I was SO ready to do this.

After careful consideration, I decided the theme of this room, that is so crazy and all over the place, would be “Zen” and I wanted peace when I walked in. HA. No really, I neeeeed it. I chose a paint color called “glimmer” (Sherwin Williams) a very light blue/gray/green color (again, my palate only varies so much people) that wouldn’t be overly blue, because I wanted the walls to be calming and subtle. This color is exactly that, except for when you’re painting it. It basically looks like white. Which does not show up so well over white primer, so you go little crazy trying to figure out what you’ve painted in the process. Cue giant airplane light fixture! That thing was a saving grace.  All the trim was primed and painted white as well, to give the room a MUCH cleaner look. Now, I planned on tackling this thing alone, but you guys know by now that my Mom is a saint, and would not take no for an answer. So she rolled, I cut in, and together we finished it in about 5 hours. If I had done it alone I would have ended up in that bathtub.

The very next morning, I set out to find the decor that I had envisioned in my mind, lots of succulents, some for the tub and some for the wall. Some way to hang them on the wall, perhaps mason jars, and a small table to put by the toilet to hold essentials and extra TP. I went to Michaels, Target, and Marshall’s and using only gift cards I found everything I wanted (and some new black pants)! If you know me at all, you know that these babies were up in the room and installed on the walls within the hour. Power tools, levels, screws and mollies…It was done in an hour, and here it is!


UPDATE on Apr 23, The LAST thing to do, was to paint the cabinets. My Mom did those and they came out amazing!


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