Chalk it Up

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED!!!! I bought myself a computerized combination sewing & embroidery machine (made by Brother)! I’ve had my eye on one since I got my vacuum (see earlier post – an odd combination) and finally took the plunge because Amazon Prime day had the exact machine I wanted for $100 off! Somehow $209 was easier to spend than $309…not sure why, but it was!

So, of course, getting my new machine sparked a trip to Michael’s because I don’t own thread other than the miniature spools that came in the small “sewing kit” that I’ve used for the past 10 years. By kit I mean small bag, and by small bag I mean only big enough to hold a pair of scissors and the tiny sewing accessories that came with it (including a tomato pin cushion, why a tomato? I’m not really sure). At Michael’s I discovered a big lack of embroidery materials, and only purchased a few spools of thread, some bobbins, and a couple tiny swatches of fabric to assist me in sewing practice. My mom gave me a big book on “sewing” so I feel like I’m set.

While at Michael’s today I wandered, as any crafter would, and found myself down the paint aisle. Totally normal. Admitting to myself that I wouldn’t be able to start embroidering right this evening because I did not have the thread or stabilizer I needed, I did what any self-respecting crafter would do in my situation. I bought some mint green chalk paint to paint the table that my sewing machine was going to live on. Because, crafting your craft room is still crafting! Now I had a project and could keep myself busy for the rest of the Sunday evening. Baseball was going to be on in the den, after all.

Here is what I started with, and the progression of my first chalk paint adventure. I got the paint 40% off so I paid about $5 for it, and it covered the whole table, and then borrowed a chalk brush from my mom, because she’s the best, and like my own personal craft supply library.


After One Coat:chalkpaint37

After Three Coats:chalkpaint39

And with my NEW beautiful Machine, dry in only 2 hours!chalkpaint44I am VERY excited to try this baby out! Now that I have the happiest table to work on, I am ready to go! Keep a look out for project posts on my Etsy Shop’s instagram @freespiritetsy !

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