Backyard Makeover

It’s that time of year! Outdoor gatherings, BBQs, and nights on the back deck. We have been working on the backyard since we moved in–My hubby on the landscaping and fire pit, and myself with the furniture and decor. Together we made something great!

We brainstormed for a while to figure out the best placement of the fire pit.  I am not a fan of smoke, allergies and all, so I requested he put it further from the house. He wanted a view of the water from the pit, so we compromised on taking down the odd little pear tree and putting it right there. It made for a good level space and in the end also made our view of the water so much better.
Before & After:



The teal plastic Adirondack chairs around the pit are from Lowe’s. The deck was already painted red, and while it looks good with the color of our brick, it was too much red for me…as you know I am more of a blue girl! I bought an outdoor rug from, the solar light umbrella from Bed Bath and Beyond, and we registered for the Aruba Blue Polywood Adirondack rocking chairs for our wedding. We purchased two more after we got them because we loved them so much! I found the pretty blue and teal cushions at “At Home” and we purchased some rope lighting there as well to go around the banister.



For a little added fun, I have been filling glass bowls and lanterns with sea glass and battery-operated strings of lights. I keep them inside to keep rain out, but bring them out at night to create more ambiance!
All you need to do is coil the lights and layer the sea glass over each coil to spread the light out. Leave the switch for the battery pack towards the top and cover it a much as you can without blocking the switch so you can turn it on and off easily. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening!

Happy Summer from Coastal Comforts!

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