Be The Change

I want you to ask yourself one question.. “What have I done for myself lately?” If you can answer this with a very long list of things then, BRAVO, and also maybe tone it down a bit and try looking into making others happy.  But in all seriousness, most of us probably don’t have a long list. Hopefully some of you can smile triumphantly and say one thing out loud that you know you did just for you. Moms of little ones, I am sure this is going to be harder to answer. As women, we need to find something that will lift ourselves up, especially for those of us who tend to take on the world’s problems as our own. This Summer, that should be your challenge. Find something that makes you smile, gets you excited, and makes your light shine. You deserve something that is just for you.

As you might have guessed, I started something new, just for me. I went to my very first Pure Barre class last Monday, and my fifth one today. My body has never shaken?..shook?..TREMBLED so much from any workout I have ever done before. I have done it all, gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance from childhood into adulthood, and this workout rocked my body. I have taken “Bootcamp” classes that kicked my butt, and I dreaded going many days, but this is so different. I found myself motivated to hold my body as still and tightly as possible, pushing through the trembles, just so I could get out stronger on the other side. I have never in my life focused so much on one specific muscle in my body, bringing my mind and body so close it became one unit. You know how sometimes when you’re working out and your mind wanders to other things, like the minute you get to leave, and the ice cream you can have later? I have found that I don’t even have room in my mind to think about anything else because that is how hard I have to focus on my muscles and form. It is intoxicating, and incredibly invigorating. I don’t just leave there feeling like my muscles were rebuilt, I leave there and my mind is SO calm.

This is not something I have ever felt before.  I am a speech/language pathologist at a pediatric rehab clinic, and some days at work are much harder than others.  Even knowing in a few hours I will be going to work and I will be constantly challenged, I feel completely renewed and like I can tackle anything. I feel like I can give all of myself to my kiddos, and not just the half that I have control of that day.  Suddenly this glorious thing I have done completely for myself, is now translating over to benefit the people in my life as well.

I am not telling you that a workout is what you need to do for yourself, because it might be the opposite of what will make you happy right now. I just wanted to share how I am feeling, after doing something that is completely 100% just for me. Everyone deserves a little ‘me-time’ and should be allowed to take time to better themselves. After all, we cannot serve others fully if we have not filled ourselves up first. Running on empty is not the way to get through life, or reach others in need. We only get one life, and we all want to leave an impact on the world around us. We need to make sure we are taken care of first, and strong enough to hold up those we love, so we can help them do the same.

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