My name is WHAT? My name is WHO?

Hello, Me again.

Finally getting back into the swing of things, and felt the need to post today. It’s been a wonderful time, almost one month since our wedding and we had one heck of a honeymoon (post to come, don’t you worry)! That was 2 weeks of no real stress, no cleaning, nothing to think about, other than maybe where we would eat and which drink to order. So naturally nothing at all like homeownership. 

Since we have been back we have dealt with: A broken air conditioner (in 90 degree heat), a broken non-repairable elliptical (and 5-person phone call to finally get a refund), a mouse running around the deck outside (and a quick call to pest control..hey guys see you in an hour!), and some sprinkler system quotes that cost about half the honeymoon (Hunny, watering cans are cheaper and you’ll get great exercise). Nope. Not in the mediterranean anymore!

Another slightly more exciting thing that I have been doing since we got back is changing my name! Wooooo.  I just have not quite gotten the hang of it yet. You would think after two hours of waiting at Social Security, one hour waiting at the DMV, a check in the mail to the state for a new license at work, and multiple calls to the bank for account and insurance changes, new checks and about 4 new credit cards, I would have gotten the hang of it by now… So when I got my new national certification card in the mail and it proudly toted my maiden name I thought, “oh great someone screwed up, let me email them to let them know.” As I pull up the emails from before I see where I stated, somehow confidently, “and my new name is Mrs. Nicole Maiden Name” well..crap. I all but fell on the floor laughing, couldn’t stop for about an hour (just ask Chris, he thought I had officially lost it), realizing that this was my fault and I had to crawl back to the lady with my tail between my legs and tell her that I forgot what my new name was. She was a gem and simply said “no problem, your NEW name has been changed and we will get a new card out to you…MORON.” Well, ok maybe the last part was only under her breath. 

I thought that this would be the end, and I would learn from my silly error of automatically typing the name I have used for 27 years, but alas. Last night I was at dinner with some girls from work. I boasted about using my brand new license to order my drink and was excited when I got my check at dinner to use a new credit card. Only to get the slip back 5 minutes later and realize that I signed my old name without even thinking. Well…crap again! Thank goodness they give you 5 billion copies of the receipt! I guess just like being back, and having a home to take care of again, this too is going to be an adjustment period!

Happy Thursday!

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