Safe To Shore

With Easter upon us, I have had one song stuck in my head all week. It’s one that has always resonated with me, but seems to stick more now, than ever before. The song talks about God shining a light bright enough to get you through life’s darkest storms. It’s words are certain and powerful, declaring, “I will trust the promise, you will carry me safe to shore.” Knowing that you can blindly follow something, and everything will end up ok is a rarity in this world.  So knowing that you can follow Christ, no matter what you are going through, and end up on the other side safe and sound is more than anyone could ask for.

Jesus is our lighthouse. Tall and constant amidst an angry ever-changing sea. A light that shines through darkness no matter what looms ahead, promising safe travels to weary souls. There is nothing more comforting than faith and hope. A beacon in the darkness, shining bright with the promise of safety.  Or the promise of land, a safe place to rest our heads after a relentless fight. We all want to feel this, but we cannot all attain it. It takes a blind faith, a trust that comes with complete and utter release. We must give everything we have up, in order to feel so secure.

It is not always easy or practical to follow blindly without fear in this world. Just the other day in fact, my GPS tried to take me to a tree on a street corner as my destination rather than the actual building I had already passed by. When my hunny told me that his did the same but he ignored it, I felt foolish. I had listened to mine, as if it were gospel, and ended up by a tree, whereas he figured out it might have just been wrong. Not everything in this world is meant to be followed without question. In fact, most things we encounter that claim to be gospel are the exact opposite. It is so hard to see what is real and just, versus what is something that is just claiming to be good for us. So how do we know what to put our trust in? What is real and what is fake? I follow my GPS sometimes just to get the “fastest route” from point A to point B. It was supposed to get me there quickly and easily, avoiding traffic and stress. In the end, however I was so stressed and turned around because, while it got me to the general area quickly it couldn’t get me to my actual destination. I ended up having to make 2 u-turns just to get back to the building I needed and I arrived pissed off and late. Anything that claims to make things easier for “right now” but does not take any effort or thought is a fake fix that will surely fail. Nothing is perfect, or easy.  Something that takes you where you need to be, and teaches you a lesson, has you thinking for yourself and making decisions based on guidance and faith, making you come out stronger and more faithful on the other that is real.

When more than one tragedy strikes in a week, you begin to realize that sometimes blind faith is the only faith you can really have. There is no way you can muster up anything else in hard times. A faith like this takes real roots, so deep that you can’t find the end no matter how far you dig. Knowing that things will be ok and simply wanting them to be are two very different things. A true test of faith is how you respond to the light that Jesus shines in the dark. Do you follow it, trudging through muck and grime, knowing that it will lead you somewhere better? Or do you dim it, thinking that ignoring it might be easier, so you’ll give that a try for now? I urge you to keep on fighting. Trust the light that you see, and try to keep it shining as bright as you can until you find the end. Things might get harder as you approach it, but they are only there to make you stronger. And the peace that you find in the end, well that is worth it.


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