Keepin’ it Teal

Personal questions. We teach our kids early on to ask questions about their new friends to get to know them. It is a very important skill for adults too, but has been lost over the years because most people can look each other up online before meeting and get all the information they need.  For kids though, it’s crucial to making new friends. So what is one of the most common questions we teach after name and age? “What’s your favorite color?” How weird is that?  As an adult, this does not rank up there with “What do you do for a living?” or “Are you single?” something that can tell us a lot about a person..Ladies, if a man asks you this question at the start of your blind date he is either a) Buddy the Elf or b) REALLY bad at small talk. Either way, you have some very important and deep follow up questions to ask him!  But for a kid, it’s an important question. For a kid, it defines who you are as an individual.

Working with kids, I do think it can tell us something about their developing personalities. My little girls who love pink tend to be the ones who pick out the dolls to play with, my little girls who love blue usually want to do something more hands on or build things. My boys who say black, typically don’t really even know their colors yet, or they are wearing a black shirt that day. As they get older, however, it becomes more specific–Light blue, mint green, crimson red and it tends to reflect a little more on their personality. Usually they wear those colors, pick that color marker or book bag, and they surround themselves with it because it’s their favorite. It makes them happy and they can identify themselves with it, because its THEIRS. I think it’s crazy important for a child to think for herself and choose something because it pleases her, instead of picking something because she is told she has to. Do many kids start to change their favorite color because another friend likes a different color? Yes, all the time..but someday those kiddos will still decide for themselves what truly makes them happy.

As a kid I hated pink, but I loved dolls, dancing, and all things girly. My favorite color was always blue, maybe a few changes in between friends, but usually blue. I was a little less predictable I guess, but I think that it had something to do with having a older brother. He hated pink, so I was not going to like it either. As an adult, I love the color pink. It’s so cheerful and it makes me happy, but I don’t think I wore anything pink until high school (by choice anyway). Even still, I love blue so much more. More specifically turquoise or teal. Any shade of teal can catch my eye from a 1,000 foot radius in any store. It’s like my eyes have been trained to focus on only teal things, and my brain squeals with delight–you need this! It’s such a great color because it is both calming and uplifting at the same time. Blue in itself is a cool color, meaning that it brings the mood down to a peaceful or calm setting, a colder atmosphere. The thing about colors is they do reflect our moods, and that’s why I feel that a person’s favorite color can say so much about them.

Someone who loves bright yellow cannot be a negative nancy always down in the dumps. It just does not seem possible. Someone who loves red is probably a passionate person who feels things with intensity. Someone who loves black most likely feels something dark in their connection to the world or themselves. If you truly identify with a color, there has to be some connection to your personality in some way. I know men love and hate certain colors because of sports teams, but hey, that’s their personality showing through right there, they feel a strong sense of loyalty and connection to a city or team.. so I’m not completely off base.

If I did not tell you what my favorite color was, and you didn’t already know from reading my other posts and seeing my pictures, you would definitely know by walking into our home…anyone who does typically says, “So what’s your favorite color?” jokingly of course, because they clearly already know the answer.


even our refrigerator has teal containers …TealHOuse 13

For more examples of our teal home decor you can check out my Sea Glass post … teal on teal on teal!

I don’t think there is anything wrong with surrounding yourself by a color that makes you happy. It can comfort you, because its familiar to you, and it can help keep you grounded. If you’re having a not so awesome morning but you can drink your coffee out of a cup that has “awesome” plastered right on it amidst chevron patterns of your most favorite color, then maybe your mood will change a bit. It’s not rocket science by any means…it’s more like art psychology (which I just made up). “Surround yourself by things that make you happy.” We’ve all heard it before. So if a color can lift your mood or keep you calm, then get painting! Or get to T.J. Maxx, but either way, get happy!

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