-Unconventionally yours.

Imagine yourself lying on your side, in the most comfortable position, a nice cool pillow engulfing your head, just getting comfy enough to maybe doze off, and opening your eyes to see the midsection of some overeager stranger who happens to be asking, “and how about this one?” Welcome to the painfully awkward process of bed shopping. 

Most couples buy watches and jewelry for each other as a wedding gift. We aren’t most couples. We had one thing in mind and have been talking about it for months. We dreaded shopping for it but knew without a doubt that it was going to be our gift to each other. We were getting a bed. But not just any bed.. the bed of all beds, and one we could get lost in.  This proved to be a problem given that we both have different ideas of “comfortable” when it comes to a bed. His can best be described as a “cement slab” and mine a “plush cloud.” He sleeps on his tummy without a pillow and I sleep on my side or back with 3 pillows. Neither of us thought we would find a single mattress to please us both–and we did NOT want separate beds or a split mattress (it’s cute for puppies, but not newlyweds). 

That’s why we ventured into the sleep number store first, thinking they might just be able to pull it off. Except not. Now picture yourself sleeping on an air mattress, a high-end one with a foam mattress pad on top of it.. while you are lying on this mattress some stranger will literally just keep letting air out of it until you say stop, or your butt touches the floor, whichever comes first. This point where you say stop is supposed to be your ideal sleep comfort level. Suprise surprise, my hunny didn’t go down past the top level. I get it, it’s a unique concept and I’m sure people love them.. but neither of us wanted to spend 6-grand to sleep on a deflated air mattress. 

I’ve always liked the feel of foam mattresses and pillows, given that my back resembles that of a 90-year-old lady, so our next stop was Tempurpedic and we went in expecting just as high of a price tag, but knowing it was good quality. We went to 3 different stores looking at these beds, always going back to two specific mattresses. Somehow we both agreed on the same two every time. As if that wasn’t weird enough, one of them was considered one step down from the most firm, and the other one was one step up from the most plush..could we be more confused? Even still they didn’t feel too different because their foam is so supportive that you aren’t sinking into anything like the knock off foam beds we tried. So we settled on the less expensive of the two, since we loved them both and couldn’t decide based on feel. It happens to be called “Cloud Supreme” 😁

But we didn’t stop there… this is just the beginning! The mattress we fell in love with had a cooling feature called “breeze” and it was like lying on the cool side of the pillow, but the cool side never ever gets hot. It responds to your body temperature and adjusts to keep you cool through the night. We were jumping for joy when we tried this and couldn’t go back to anything else. If you’ve ever had a glass of wine (or three) in the evening you’d know how exciting this feature could be!

But wait, there’s more! You see, these beds come with all different kinds of bases. There’s a plain base, you know rectangular made of wood and metal, holds up a mattress. But then there’s the adjustable bases…and they have 3 levels of those. The first level raises your head so you can sit up in bed. The second one raises your legs up in addition to your head. The third one raises both your head and feet and has head/lumbar/foot massagers built in. Can you guess which one I wanted? 

I sounded like a child in a pet store with my pleading, “pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can I get it pleassssseeeeeee! We neeeeed it! You can watch all the basketball you want, I won’t even care if I have the massager on!!!” Either he really loves me, or he really loves watching sports, but it worked regardless…so we got it (half-off the price thankfully) and I am SO excited. I might have to take a vacation just to lie in bed for a week! maybe I will even be able to take naps! I have a feeling that it will be the new creation sight for future blog posts.. 

Another perk with this bed was we got to choose whatever pillows we wanted from the store. My hubby currently sleeps on a $5 Walmart pillow that looks like a herd of elephants trampled it on a few occasions. But he loves it, and still tends to throw it on top of me in the middle of the night anyway. As I said I sleep on 2-3 pillows, with the main one being a 50 pound older tempurpedic. It’s actually quite firm and I have gotten very used to it. So used to it that the pillow I ended up choosing was way too squishy for me. I laid down and sunk into it, at first happy, and then I felt stuck.  Luckily my hunny didn’t like the pillow he chose either, so we swapped. I got a nice firm one and he’s back to his walmart pillow. He will probably only use the other one when he sits up and watches his sports anyway. And all is well with the world. 
Dear Brand New Husband,

Nothing says I love you and want to start a life together like a ridiculously comfortable and overly luxurious king sized bed. I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever getting massages and falling asleep during movies together. 

Unconventionally yours,

💕Your Brand New Wife 

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