Essentially Happy

Have you ever noticed just how powerful the sense of smell can be?  It can bring back memories, remind us of people who are no longer with us, even take us back to a time long ago in our lives..all by association and just one sniff. The sense of smell even impacts how we taste things and our bodies respond to smells with anticipation of what’s to come.. If we smell something really good, our mouthes water, and on the contrary if we smell something awful it can make our stomachs wrench. So basically, the sense of smell can be directly capable of changing our state of mind and physiological state. Baby lotions that contain lavender claim to soothe and provide restful sleep. Ancient Greeks used specific herbs to heal and treat patients of ailments time and again, passed on through generations. There are so many herbs and extracts used in our lotions and shampoos, muscle rubs and pain patches that we don’t even realize are there. So if you are skeptical about essential oils, or have ever been, I hope this has opened up your mind a little bit about how they might actually work. I can say this, hopeful you will read on, because I was a bit skeptical at first myself. I will admit I am still not ever going to ingest them or use them to make any type of medication, but I do stand by the fact that each one can change my mood and physiological state just as well as the smell of coffee does for me in the morning.shakeitup

I myself use Eden’s Garden oils because I like what they stand for and that they don’t claim to produce oils for ingestion. They are not raking you through the coals with their prices, and they have some awesome blends that they make. Bonus, they ship anywhere in the continental US for free. There are certain topical benefits to essential oils, such as use of peppermint or their blend “Head Ease” for headaches, which I have begun to test out and love. My favorite use, however, is diffusing the oils into the air. I love the smell of Lavender in the evening, and “Uplift” in the morning. I also love the smell of citrus or rosemary in the kitchen to compliment what I am cooking. There are so many amazing blends out there like “Cleaning” which not only makes your bathroom smell clean but also cleans the air of certain bacterium.

I have found that one drop of the sweet orange-citrusy “Meditation” can actually help me to calm my mind just long enough to squeeze a drop of peace out of a crazy afternoon.  “Uplift” and adds a little pep in my step, and just somehow makes me happy when I feel like I need a tiny pat on the back to continue on through the workday. I do believe that the act of taking a moment to be still during the day is half the battle, and the aroma gets me through the war. These little bottles force me to think about meditating or just trying to put a positive uplifting presence into my day, and I am cool with that.
When I get back massages or foot rubs I even add a little peppermint to help with muscle relaxation just as an icy hot patch might.  My best friends during the wedding planning and house renovations have been “Stress Relief” and “Relaxation” and they sing me sweet smelling songs every night when I go to sleep. My favorite scents of all time are Relaxation, purify, and citrus cream, and this changes whenever I find new ones!.FullSizeRender 2

My hunny has been skeptical of these sweet smelling babies from the beginning, but even he has gotten accustomed to the nice smelling rooms around the house. You can’t argue with air fresheners that can also boost your mood! Heck, he even bought me one called “love potion” for Valentine’s Day, so he’s gotta have some faith right? That or he is just really smart….either way, I find no harm in a house that smells great and a mind that feels relaxed. This girl now has 3 diffusers in her home, and has bought one for 3 loved ones trying to spread the scent love wherever she goes. I even brought my diffuser on a recent weekend trip because that’s how much I enjoy using it at night. I notice a difference in how long it takes me to fall asleep with it on and to me it is worth using!

One piece of advice I will give you is to always always use the stronger ones sparingly (if at all) if you plan to wear them on your person. You never know who might be sensitive to certain smells and you don’t want to be THAT person who everyone runs away from because you smell like a weird exotic plant covered in lemon. I have walked by people in stores and other places and nearly fell over with the scent of eucalyptus or cloves radiating from their pores.  Do a sniff test, and if its strong right out of the bottle you can bet it will be strong on you! I love my oils but I have no desire to stink up my workspace with them. This is why I will dilute them in a carrier oil (grapeseed shown below) in a rollerball vile before applying to my temple or neck, as recommended on the bottle, if I really need a pick-me-up at work. If you want to be safe, at least use the lavender or peppermint on yourself, because so far I have not met anyone who is averse to either scent. Though I am sure there is always someone!

FullSizeRender 2

Regardless of your desire to wear them or diffuse them, or just politely acknowledge them and run the other way, there is a reason these oils are becoming so popular. Those who do use them, love them. We are part of a community who enjoy positive energy and want to promote it wherever and however we can. We believe in the power of healing, and don’t have to question something simple that makes us happy. Whether your thing is to steal a scoop of ice cream, light up a candle and sit in a bath, or diffuse some oils throughout your house, choose to be happy, and you will be. Choose to relax and you will feel relaxed. The sense of smell is very powerful, but the mind is too. If we want to find joy badly enough, we most certainly will. So find whatever it is that makes you smile, add a drop of something sweet, and let’s be happy today!


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