Vacuum Updates and Antics

There have been few times in my life where I have been excited over cleaning supplies. There are even fewer times when I have been excited to spend almost $500 on cleaning supplies. This week, however, I found myself dancing around my kitchen with a new vacuum in hand, blissfully sucking up dirt and dried up old rice (men…).  If you’d like, you can picture this dance as a waltz, in slow motion with the song “At Last” playing in the background.

I went back and saw my vacuum guy on Monday, and he hooked me up with a cordless upright vacuum (shown above) that has such a powerful motor it moves on its own across the floor and runs for an hour (far longer than the Dyson I was looking into). I got it for half price too, since they are coming out with a “newer model” soon. Gotta love technology! Nothing is flawless of course, and this one did not have a hose that I could detach to clean in all the hard to reach places, so he thew in this nifty “sport” shoulder pack vacuum with the longest extension pole I’ve ever seen. SCORE! No more bending over or dragging a heavy vacuum body around while I do so.


If you are fortunate enough to live with a man who cooks, you understand the importance of a vacuum that can get into nooks and crannies. After about 2 cooked meals, the area underneath my cabinets looks like a buffet restaurant for mice.  I’m not complaining, I love when my hunny cooks more than I can say, I’m just painting the picture as to why I need two vacuums. Regardless, I was able to get both vacuums, and replacement bags for each vacuum, for less than $500. The Dyson I had my eye on to begin with was about $600 on its own, and the battery life is a questionable 20 minutes on high power, so I think this deal is a win. I will update you if anything craps out on me, but I’ve got warrantees on warrantees, so I don’t think that will be an issue.

If you’ve read my blog posts before, you must be thinking, “Where are the antics? This purchase wen’t too smoothly..none of her purchases have gone smoothly..” and you’d be right for thinking so.  Don’t worry, there were still antics. The day I brought home my new “toys” I was so excited to try them out. The cordless had a little bit of a charge in it, so I started to clean the kitchen. It wasn’t THAT charged after all because it died in less than 5 minutes. When I went to plug it in, I must have neglected to turn the off switch, and WHOOSH! It came to life like a bat out of hell, shooting across the floor. Thankfully it was attached to a wire attached to the wall, and I caught it just in time. WOOPS. Must remember to turn the power switch to off after it dies, Noted.  So I am thinking, “No biggie, I have a SECOND vacuum with a cord that I can use!”  When I took out my new sport, I assembled all the pieces, but it did not seem right…the hose kept falling out of the body. I thought to myself, “Well I am not a vacuum expert by any means, but there is no way I am getting this wrong..this should not fall out with every step I take..” After a few minutes of frustration, thinking I just bought a craptastic little vacuum, I called my guy. He must have thought my M.S. stood for Majorly Stupid, because he asked me if I put the right end in, and if I pushed it in firmly, telling me that friction should hold it in place. I assured him that I did, describing the end and telling him that I could not push it any harder..and he said I should bring it in. Probably still thinking I’m an idiot. So no vacuuming for me that day. The next morning I took it in, and of course, it was a “defective hose end” so he gave me a brand new one to replace it. NOW we are all systems go. But sheesh, does anything ever come easy?

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