An odd combination

8 hours in a car can make anyone want to blog. I need some sort of outlet so I’ll be “that blogger” and tell you about my day.. 
Have you ever wanted to buy a new vacuum? How about a sewing machine? Well did you know you could buy those two very specific things in one store that is dedicated to selling vacuums and, you guessed it, sewing machines? How odd. What do those things even have in common? Other than the fact that I want them both and they are expensive… 
I decided recently that I want to learn to sew and monogram my own tote bags and clutches so I’ve been looking into a sewing machine+embroiderer combo. After a few hours reading internet reviews, I decided to call my favorite craft resource, my mom, and ask her if the ones I found were worth looking into. She knew of a place where we could look at them in person so we made an afternoon of it (not on purpose but I think the salesman loves talking about vacuums and sewing more than anyone on the planet). So we step inside the Sew and Vac store, and low and behold, one half is full of vacuums and the other full of sewing machines. If you’ve read my first few posts you’ll recall “vacuum aerobics” and know that I’ve actually been in the market for a new vacuum that can tackle our house since we moved in. Somehow I managed to learn all about the vacuums they had, and before I even had a chance to tell the man I was there to look at sewing machines I was agreeing to come back on Monday and buy a new vacuum! Well that happened. I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty excited about it too. 

So anyways we finally make it over to the other half of the store, and I show the man the type of Brother sewing/embroidery machine I found online. Of course he shows me ones only sold in store, that are far more advanced, embroider millions of things of all sizes, and can all but walk your dog. The only problem was the price range…the man was good though, I gotta hand it to him. I mean he was a real top notch salesman. I went in there asking about a $300 machine and he had me thinking I needed this $1400 monster by the time I left. I think maybe the vacuums were giving off fumes because I went from wanting to learn how to sew, to looking at machines that did things I’ve never even heard of..And honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be skilled enough to know about. 

Thankfully we had this car trip and I had to skeedadle out of there so we left, my bank account still intact, ready to do more research. Not even an hour later I had this moment of “what on earth was I thinking?” And realized that for what I want to do with it, I do not need anything more than my poor little basic model that I originally found online. I get that it might not have all the bells and whistles, but I’m not blanketing a platoon, I’m making tote bags. I think if I learn on my less flashy machine and work my way up to it, someday I might revisit that odd combination of a store and hang out with my main man for another afternoon. In the meantime, I’m super excited about this new fun hobby and will accept any comments on your favorite sewing machine and embroidery machines for further research! 

Also, hooray for a new vacuum! 

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