All that glitters

If you could be summed up as any craft supply, what would you be? Are you strong and dependable but dangerous when poked at the wrong time, like hot glue? Are you flexible, light, and airy, and come in many colors and textures like craft paper? Do you cut like a knife at times, but glide through life beautifully with ease and precision like a good pair of scissors? Maybe you are quick-witted and to-the-point with your delivery like a guillotine cutter. How many of you feel like you are at your best when you’re set free, and allowed to be whatever you want, all over the place like paint on a canvas?

Me? I’m glitter. I can be seen as overly cheery at times, I leave a little bit of myself wherever I go, and I can be interpreted as many different colors depending on the light of day. I can be spread too thin at times, and yet other days I’m taking over the world. I tend to reflect on everything all the time, and for some reason I’ve always appealed more easily to children than adults.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, because of how much I like glitter to begin with, but I think it works.

My fascination with glitter started as a kid, probably from cheerleading, but it didn’t ever stop. It might actually have gotten worse as I grew up. Think about it, all of the best things in life sparkle like glitter..the ocean glitters when the sun or moon hits it just right, peoples eyes glitter when they are incredibly happy, fireworks light up the sky with glitter to show celebration and joy, that diamond ring on your finger sends glitter all over the car when you are driving in the sun…it’s a happy thing, glitter. I like to brighten up my life with glitter all the time, and I am not ashamed that it works.


Aside from accessories like my wallet, cell phone case, and eye shadow, I try to slip in some glitter into my home decorations wherever I can. Whether it be a glittery vinyl, or a pop of glitter on the edge of a sign, I use it sparingly but also pointedly. It jazzes up whatever I’ve made and usually it makes the piece come alive. It’s a statement for the wall that says “HELLO! BE HAPPY! LIFE IS GOOD!” It’s not overbearing but it is enough to make a point. Now, some feel that my wallet might be overbearing, but that’s another story.. You already heard about my “blue sparkly” counter top and how it became a statement piece for our small master bathroom. Here are some ways to use glitter to brighten up a creation without feeling like a kindergartener did it. Although, there’s nothing wrong with that either sometimes!


From far away you don’t notice an overpowering glitter presence here, and that is the point! Close up, you can see that in these signs I added pops of glitter to the dots, and in some of the lettering. The key is not to overdo it, or your husband won’t like it. The word humble is regular gold vinyl but KIND is glittery gold.


Other ways to add sparkle can be foil vinyl or paper, or mosaic glass tiles, and any way the light hits that, it will sparkle. If you have dark colored walls this helps to create some bright contrasts in the room.glitter7

Covering something small like a candle or even your candlesticks with mod podge and glitter will give a little pizzaz without taking over the room. This is nice to dress up a table too if you want it to be a little fancier for your dinner party. glitter3

Using glitter in your signs, with some words to add a pop of fun will surely make them stand out more than others. Accent the corners or even just the first bolded word in your sign and you will give it some more flare than just painting the letter or putting on a sticker would. This also puts your creation into a mixed-media category, and it’s always good to try new things!  You can use glitter to decorate Christmas bulbs and ornaments to make your tree really sparkle when the lights hit them.



Many of the signs I make and give away have a little bit of glitter on them, especially ones for the holidays. I encourage you to start small, because it is easy to overdo it..very easy. Also work in a space that you don’t mind finding glitter in for months after your project. Cover your workspace with butcher block paper or a table cloth so that you don’t have to worry about the glitter getting on your other projects afterwards. Mostly, have fun with it. You’ll discover that glitter is not something to be afraid of, and it can actually add a lot of POP into your world. Sometimes you just need a little sparkle!

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