Eat Pray Love

This week has been rough. Sometimes I think God knows when work is going to test me, and He brings me a project to take away my cares during my down time. On Monday morning I went to Michael’s to take advantage of a BOGO frame sale (future project), and I happened upon an aisle with discounted letters and signs. There is a very large blank wall in the kitchen that I have purposely waited to fill since we moved in. I was waiting until I found the perfect bit of inspiration. This Monday brought me a new week, some new hope, and plenty of inspiration.

Here is what I started with…a little bit of mint green, blue, and orange..img_0559
a dark gray metal sign with gold trim..and a LOVE sign that actually needed no change!fullsizerender-3

First I used a metallic teal paint to spruce up this dark metal sign and prepare it for our coastal kitchen. It needed two coats, as the already painted gold trim was showing through. Then I use a paint+primer white spray paint to paint the oh so colorful wooden letters all one base color. They needed more paint than I expected because the distressing kept showing through. Sometimes it is hard to visualize what something can become when it is so erratic to begin with, and you just need to give yourself a blank canvas.

Once I finished painting the “eat” sign, I decided to hang that and the “Love” sign because I wanted to see what color would work for the wooden letters.  If you’d like a tutorial on how to hang signs with TWO hooks and make them level and even, here’s a post I have already written.


I decided to tie the letters back into the rest of the kitchen, with all of the gray coloring we have in the cabinets and counter, instead of trying to find another teal paint to match the 4 shades that were already in there..I went back to Michael’s and bought a matte finish paint+primer gray spray paint from Krylon (40% off of course!). This took 3 different coats, to make sure to cover all parts of each letter. The bright orange Y was the most difficult!img_0566

I used my silhouette machine to cut some silver adhesive foil into swirls and arrows to make my gray letters pop.
FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Sadly, when I went to hang the letters, all of them were perfectly level except the R. Of Course! When they drilled the single hole into the R they did not account for the weight on the right leg, and it looked like it was lacking a little umph..

WOOOMP WOOOMP. So I ended up having to drill a hole into the right leg of the R, and put an extra nail in the wall to hold it up in the right spot, so it didn’t look so drunk. I measured the distance between the “eat” and “love” signs and put the wooden letters centered right in between them using a very long level. The holes ended up being about 9 inches apart so I knew they were going to be evenly spaced.  
THIS is what I ended up with!fullsizerender-5

I love putting a little bit of my style into the artwork that goes on our walls. It makes me appreciate what goes into it that much more, and it is a constant reminder to me that I need to practice what I preach. Coincidentally, each time I spray painted the word “pray” this week I found myself in desperate need of prayer. It was not only calming but also a little amusing, that I might find myself decorating a word that was so powerful it could change my mood in an instant. Kind of like the crafting itself. There is nothing that calms me more than getting in the zone and creating something..even if it comes out looking a little drunk! Now whenever I walk into my kitchen I smile, and say a little prayer that no matter how hard my work week may be, I will always have love and a good meal to come home to.



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