Wood Burning Tutorial

My hunny bought me this awesome tool for Christmas this year as a surprise. It is a wood-burning tool that can create all kinds of designs and patterns in different mediums. He requested a sign for the garage to put over his grill “stuff” so I figured it was a good first project to attempt with my new toy!

Here are some tips to making your own wood-burning signs:

  1. Using Silhouette Studio I designed and cut vinyl lettering to use as a template for the sign. You can buy vinyl letter stickers at a craft store to use as well if you don’t have a craft cutter of your own.

grill-central-12. Apply the vinyl lettering exactly where you want your template to be on your piece of wood, and remove the transfer tape to reveal your template.



3. Trace the lettering/stickers with a pencil and then remove the tape to reveal your traced outline.


4. Using different tips, you will burn into the traced outline, and add any design or shading that you desire. I used a shading tip for the letters in “central” and a basic cutting tool for the design in “GRILL”. It was a thicker piece of wood so I turned up my setting to the “red” zone for heat. Make sure to have a fan on in the room you are working in, because it can get a little fragrant!



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