Four Robes Later

Buying a house comes with a lot of headaches. Within the past year, we got engaged, decided to buy and renovate a house, and planned a wedding. If I had to say which was the most stressful, the house wins by a landslide. I know I love him, and I would have married him a year ago when I said, “I will,” just like that. But building our first home together out of a house that was so completely someone else’s? That was difficult. The cold feet set in once we had the inspection done, and we were signing the papers. It was like someone handed over a six-page document of why you should not commit to this house right before you put in your offer. Could you imagine if you got one of those about your fiancé the night before your wedding? YIKES! The thing is, you can fix all those things on that list. It may take time, money, and a lot of patience, but you can do it. As far as your fiancé, you should already know all of the things on that list, and have no desire to change them. Many of them will actually be the reason you love him. That is why it should be an easy decision to marry him.  You might not find that rain-soaked rotted piece of wood under the front door very charming, but the way he smiles realllllllly big when he realizes he still has not fixed it 6 months later? Well, now THAT is charming…luckily for him! 

Our house was really a headache from demolition day to the day our last cup pull showed up for our kitchen (about a month after completion). The biggest thing though, has been dealing with humans and in turn, delayed deliveries.  While it has been stressful for me, as I complain about it I also think of how incredibly blessed we are that we have these items that we waited so long to get. So please don’t think I am ungrateful. I enjoy each item immensely now that it is in our home! Really I am just tired of waiting on other humans to make things happen. One of my bigger struggles in life is control. Let me tell you, it is pretty humbling to completely redo and furnish a home when  you have a need to feel like you are in control. Also, it is just plain frustrating to deal with deliveries. But that’s the thing, they are only human, and so am I. Lucky for me, that’s one of the things on my inspection list that my hunny finds charming about me, and he balances me out!

As I sit here, I am waiting for our dining room table to show up. The one that I ordered on December 5th, paid for in full, and was supposed to arrive in 3-4 weeks. The one that was scheduled for delivery last Friday, and then again yesterday (Monday), and then again today because the driver kept calling out of work. So fingers crossed, I might have a table by the end of this post! Oh, and I ordered the matching server from a different company with the same delivery time frame on the same day, and that came a week later…just saying.

From the elliptical (two different companies, two service visits, and two months later), to the couches and ottoman (3 weeks delay with no call to cancel the delivery that was scheduled..TWICE, a delivery refund, one wrong ottoman, and me driving to get the correct ottoman from a sketchy warehouse a week later), to the quartz counter (cut incorrectly and delayed to get a new completely different counter two weeks later), to the kitchen cup pull (that was drilled incorrectly by contractor yet somehow my fault, ordered late and arrived an entire month later), to my poor poor bathrobe from my hunny for Christmas (that was ordered size Small, but arrived as L/XL, and FOUR L/XL bathrobes delivered and returned later..the last one delivered YESTERDAY still a L/XL), to now.. As I sit and wait for my table. I can chuckle about it, because I am so jaded that now it’s all actually REALLY funny.

If I can give one piece of advice here, it’s Always write in pencil in your planner. Honestly, there is nothing else you can do. Be patient and realize that one month, six months, however many months later, you are still so incredibly lucky to have what you already have. Yes, I use my elliptical 3-4x a week and it’s so convenient. Yes I LOVE the couches and ottoman, and we can finally use our den and have friends over. The counter top fiasco worked out much better in the end anyway. Our kitchen was done, and we celebrated the day we put that last cup pull in. I might have even opened a bottle of champagne actually. There’s a way to find the good in all of the frustrating moments that life brings. All of the things that are completely out of your control. It does really help to vent and then get over it, so to my girlfriends who are reading this, thank you for letting me groan and roll my eyes about each and every one of those things in real time!! But it also helps to just laugh and try to shake it off. Make light of it, like I can now, and then make another cup of coffee, because the table is still not here yet…but I won’t give up hope!! We will eat, pray, and love in that dining room, table or not!

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