Charted Territory

Everyone who steps in our home comments on our nautical charts. They love the idea, the look, and what it represents. As I’ve said before, I have spent my whole life living on the coast, first on Long Island and then Virginia Beach (with a few cities in between). In college and grad school I was away from the water, and I went through withdrawals. So much so that I drove 40 minutes to sit by a lake, sometimes once a week, just to get my fix. I enjoyed the mountains thoroughly and all the beauty that came with them, but I just can’t be away from the sea for that long. Nothing beats salty air, breezy days, and the sound of a crashing wave. It’s relaxing and inviting, peaceful and so full of life all at the same time.

The nautical charts we have in our home were actually given to me as a gift from my parents. They have some in their house and I asked for my own for my birthday a few years ago. My whole life I’ve stared at nautical charts on our boat thinking, {I have no clue what any of this means or how to read this, and if for some reason it’s up to me to get home we are screwed..} Now I look at them and think {Without a doubt, This Is Home.} The really cool part is that my parents made these frames out of their old fence. They are pretty talented. Just saying.

The chart below is the Long Island Sound, depicting where I came from. It was home for 14 years. I caught my first fish in it, learned how to drive a boat in it, and spent many summers floating around on a tube in it.


This one below is of the Chesapeake Bay, showing where we live now. Where I got my first job, met my Hunny, bought our first home, where we will get married, and where I hope to raise our kids to do all the things I mentioned above.


This third one is of the New York Harbor and shows the town in NJ where my parents met, the town where our extended family lives, and parts of NYC and Staten Island.



These charts are both decorative and meaningful, and whenever I see them they make me smile. I was so excited to have a home because they used to be in my bedroom when I lived in an apartment. As you can see they are quite large, and took up pretty much all of the wall space in my bedroom. They were meant for this house though. They work well with the paneled room and our blue tidewater painted room. They are the statement pieces that end up being conversation starters for all who enter. Find a way to make your decorations meaningful to you. Your house should reflect who you are, and a big part of who you are is where you came from and how you got to where you are today. 



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