The thing about Crafters

Crafters are kind of like pack rats, but in a good way… Mostly. We see scraps and we think NEW PROJECT! There are musical instruments playing and a bright light is shining, and we snatch it up and stow it away for that project we will definitely do someday when we have time. So what if we no longer want to open the closet in the craft room, because we are afraid of what might pop out. I know, it sounds like an episode of hoarders. It really isn’t though. It works out for everyone in the end. I can tell you first hand, whatever you don’t end up using eventually you will donate it, and it will end up in your daughter’s craft room instead. 

With our renovations and all the extra wood, wainscoting, and flooring samples, my craft room has become one big project bin. That is why, I have made it my mission to use it or lose it. I really don’t want to clutter up my very own first ever craft room, so I am trying my best to craft as much as I can. This whole buying a house and decorating it makes that really easy too.

Ever since I got my Silhouette Cameo a few years ago vinyl signs and stickers have popped up all over my home (and friends’ homes). It started with water bottles, because I have more water bottles than a sporting goods store. Then it moved to wooden signs, chalkboard signs, and mixed media art. Lately I have been having so much fun making things for our home..


even for our engagement photos..


and for some friends’ homes..

Crafting is how I relax, and definitely beats watching TV. There has never been a time where I could walk into a craft store and leave empty handed. There’s always something different that catches my eye! Us crafters really like our tools. We have a gadget thats specific to each project. We have more tools that most men, and we covet them by displaying them on the wall, not in a tool chest. We have more cubbies and shelving than a kindergarten classroom. We display our craft items in tiny jars, which we then store in even bigger jars. It’s a vicious cycle. I will admit, I have a craft room to be proud of. It’s got cubbies with brightly-colored baskets, white storage shelves with tons of tiny jars, glitter tubes, and paints, and tons of plastic bins filled with scrapbook paper.  Just sitting in my big comfy chair and staring at the organization makes me feel at ease. Something about it takes my problems away and makes me want to create. 


The thing about crafters is, we really can find inspiration anywhere. Sometimes in the most unsuspecting places. It’s not always about what inspires you, but what you do with your inspiration. Try not to let those moments of inspiration slip away from you, letting a busy life get in the way. If you have to put your inspiration on the back burner, make sure to bottle it up and save it for a rainy day!

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