Did you ever have a project that you had to take a break from and say, “I’ll get back to this” and then kind of never did? Yeah, so we do that..often. It’s been a while since Mr.RightDoor was painted and poor ‘ol Mr. Lefty got left out..Like 5 months. Friends who frequent our house actually find joy in coming to the room and seeing if our doors still don’t match.  It’s really sad, but there’s just so much else to get done, and this is not priority number one. What could be more important than matching side-by-side closet doors, you ask? Just a few things..

  1. I decided to paint the “man cave” as a surprise for my hunny. Only in the process, I managed to put the roller through the wall on my second coat. Apparently my roller found a poorly done patch job by the previous owners. So naturally when I told him, I said, “I have two surprises for you! But you’re only going to like one of them..” he learned how to patch a hole in the wall and did a fine job at that. Since these were taken, he went over them with tape and mud and you can’t even tell there was a hole there to begin with..other than the fact that I still need to paint over the patch, so the wall is technically still not done (insert groan here).
  2. Last weekend a bird got in the house, and we shut all the pocket doors to the kitchen to keep it from going into the rest of the house. That little determined thing managed to wedge himself while trying to scurry under the pocket door, because clearly someone told him about the unmatching closet doors and he just had to see them. Then after much screaming (me) and dive bombing (bird), and hysterical laughing (Chris) we finally got him into the kitchen, out the garage door, and outa the house (unharmed). However, we discovered that one of the pocket doors would not retreat back into its little hiding space. There is some piece of wood wedged in there in such a way that it’s blocking the opening. Now we have a half-open doorway to figure out.
  3. I decided this weekend that I could not look at the ugly yellow window shutters any longer in our newly renovated bathrooms, so I got some spray paint to cover them up. They look awesome, really love how much better it looks. However, the screw holding up one of the screens in the master bath is completely stripped and I cannot get it out of the wall. Obviously I won’t be attempting another crazy spray-it-while-it’s-up like I did with the lights so, for the time being, we have yet another feature for this half-painted house!
    fullsizerender-2 at least one bathroom is complete!

    And so the cycle continues! There are so many half-done things and half-open things, I cannot even keep track. Don’t even get me started on all of the trim that is only primed and still not painted.. We are just doin’ our best and most importantly, we are taking time to enjoy life and not worry about every tiny thing.  Yeah, it might seem like a lot is half-done, but our life is definitely more than full. We love every minute of our crazy bird-attracting, half-painted, half-finished, beautifully-perfect house of a home. And we laugh A LOT.

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