Inspiration and Anchors

The quote on this sign is my life mantra. A little over a year ago, my hunny and I were on a trip to Sarasota Fl, and were window shopping one night before dinner. I stopped short by this one store practically drooling. Not because it was a fudge shop or because it was time for dinner. Because it was lined floor-to-ceiling completely stocked with beachy home decor. He knew it before I said a word or took another step, we were going in. I happened upon a little notepad (picture here) that said “Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry” and even had a picture of a little seagull holding a fry in its mouth. I don’t know why, but this made me so incredibly happy that I bought it on the spot. Growing up on the beach I had seen real seagulls with french fries in their mouthes so many times before but I never stopped to give them a thought bubble. If I had to now it would say, “BEST DAY EVER!” The other reason I love it so much is probably because when I have a french fry in my mouth my though bubble is also screaming, “BEST DAY EVER!” so I can totally relate to the little fella. The following Christmas, I was elated to open this sign, which my Hunny went and bought for me knowing how happy it would make me. It has proudly sat on our ladder bookshelf ever since, and I can’t not smile whenever I see it. It reminds me to be happy about the little things. To celebrate each little gift and find joy and inspiration wherever I can.

What inspires you? What is that something in your life that makes you happier than a bird with a french fry? Share in a comment below 🙂   We all have it, some of us have more than one thing. If you have not figured it out, mine is the ocean and everything that comes along with it. The salty air, the crazy hair, and the whole other world that it covers up. Of course, there are many tiny things that bring me joy and inspiration as well. Welcome to my portable blogging desk.. portabledeskSome things you will find in my daily life include: post-it notes, fun pads of paper, colored pens, music, pictures, and coffee or tea. I kid you not one of my favorite times of year has always been, and always will be, back-to-school shopping. I am not even in school anymore, but every year I manage to buy about 5 packs of post-it notes and a giant pack of pens in every color known to man. Why? They make me happy. They inspire me to write things down, leave people silly notes to make them smile, and they make my work schedule more cheerful. They don’t bring any negativity into life, only joy.

Another thing that seems to always put a smile on my face is an Anchor..

By now you’ve seen the anchor decor in our master bath..these are a few more anchor items that you’ll find in our home, and it’s safe to say I have a few anchor-print clothing items and tote bags a well. The anchor has always been a symbol I’ve been drawn to, well before it became a recent fad. That just made it a lot easier to buy stuff with anchors on it (hooray!). Understandably, my mom has asked me before, “Do you think you’ll ever get sick of all these anchors?” My answer was a confident, “No.” So I thought about it..Why do I find joy whenever I see an anchor? The reason is twofold..growing up we always had a boat, and I always felt the most safe when the anchor was down. For some reason, I knew that we wouldn’t be drifting into anything and we were secure right where we were. I liked that feeling. It’s very hard for some people to feel safe and secure in the middle of the ocean as it is, but even though I could not see a stretch of land anywhere, I felt completely secure. Another part of the reason can be explained by this sign. It was given to me by a sweet person who did not even know I liked anchors that much to begin with, and yet she said, “I saw this and it just made me think of you.” anchor-signThis goes along with my feeling of security when I see an anchor. I have found that when I have Hope, my soul is secure. Hope allows me to move forward, knowing that I can have faith in something bigger than me. I am just a tiny itty bitty sparkle in this huge world that we live in. When you think of it that way, it’s just like being in a boat in the middle of the ocean. What is keeping me safe and secure? For me, it’s Hope. Hope is my anchor and my security in this crazy world. That is why I surround myself with anchors. They remind me to have Hope in all circumstances, and they make me feel secure, even when the seas are choppy.

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