Mirror Math

In our home most nights we like to just sit on the couch and watch TV. I’m not ashamed either, we both work full-time, and it’s nice to just relax.  Some nights we treat ourselves and go out to dinner, or we cook together and have friends over. But tonight we shook it up a bit. Yes, tonight was quite an exciting evening. I proposed my idea in a pleading but enticing tone of voice and a big smile so that he would think it was a great idea too..Tonight we hung a sign and two mirrors together, and we’ve never laughed more..Mostly my Hunny laughed at me and my strange way of calculating, but I’ll be honest, I laughed right along with him.

You need to understand one thing before I can go on though. You see, my mom and I have a system we have always used to hang items that require two hooks. If you have ever hung a mirror or really big sign, that is too heavy for a wire, you know what I am talking about. Hanging mirrors is a PAIN in the glass! You spend all your time making it level on the wall, figuring out exactly where the holes need to be (how high from the couch, how low from the ceiling, and centered perfectly in the middle of the wall. Only to find out that the hooks on the mirror itself are not level! Explosions happen. People cry, and all hope is lost.

The thing is, when we use a ruler/tape measure and we are yelling out numbers to each other, it sounds something like, “27 and two lines” or “one line before the 9” because who really has time to figure out how many eighths it is?? When something is heavy and you are measuring it with one eye open, practically bent over backwards, you don’t have time for eighths! Also we understand each other so that’s really all that matters. And she and I accomplished this, so in the end who cares..

My hunny never knew my mirror math though, so tonight he was in for a treat! I called out my “numbers” and he churned out the actual number, dividing it in half instantly in his brain as well when I needed him to. He chuckled at me when I tried to divide “9 and two lines” in half, and had to do a little dance, hop on one foot, and turn around three times before the answer popped into my head.

SO, to hang a mirror, you will need the following items:
a. A level
b. A yard stick (or if your level is as long as the mirror you can just use that)
c. A pencil with eraser
d. A tape measure
e. Masking tape

f. A second person, preferably one who’s good at math!
g. Optional: ladder or step stool if you can’t find a tall person to borrow
h. Lots of patience and the ability to laugh at yourself

Step One
Figure out where you want the mirror hung, it helps to have someone else hold it so you can see what it will look like and exactly where you want to position it. Once you find the sweet spot, make a small pencil line at the top. If you are putting something between two walls, you will also want to find the midline (measure the wall and divide in half) and mark that on the wall.

Step Two
Using a yardstick or your level, lay it across the two hooks on the back of your mirror, and use the masking tape to mark where each of the hooks are on the yardstick. You now have a template for the wall and know exactly where to put your holes. Don’t mark the holes just yet though..you have to check if your hooks are level

Step Three
This part is very important, and very annoying, but don’t give up! You need to use your tape measure or ruler to figure out the distance between the top of the hook and the top of your mirror. If these are not the exact same number, your hooks are not level. This means that even when you do everything in steps one and two, and you make your marks level on your wall, your mirror will actually be lopsided. SO, write those numbers down so you can make adjustments to your template on the wall.

Step Four
Measure the distance from the top pencil line you made in step ONE, to match the distance from the hook and the top of the mirror that you measured in step three. Remember, if they are not actually level you will have to make an adjustment.. For example, one hook was “9 and two lines” and the other was “9 and three lines” then you will measure that far down from the top pencil line, and one mark will be “one line” higher than the other.

Step Five
Now you can use your template, and mark the holes the correct distance from each other AND the correct distance from the top pencil line. *Note, if your hooks ARE the exact same distance from the top of the mirror, you’re in luck and you can actually just use a level on top of the template, and make your marks wherever they are level.

Step Six
HANG THAT MIRROR! Cross your fingers, and let your breath out.
step-6 OR just look below!


this method also works for hanging wall art with two hooks!



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