If walls could talk

If walls could talk, our original master bathroom would be saying things like, “What? Speak up dear! Where did I leave my dentures? Put on a coat or you’ll catch a cold!”

I don’t know about you but I don’t want my master bathroom looking or sounding anything like an old lady. We do, however, have to appreciate and take it in, in all its glory. For instance, that cabinet there on the left is actually..a pull out hamper! I won’t name names but some people got very excited about that when they first saw it. I still truly do not understand why. You could lose an arm the way it snapped shut uncontrollably. The built-in pink soap, towel, and toothbrush holders? Why, those were just peachy in the day. Not at all functional now, but hey, in the 70’s they were bathroom genius. The Curtains, well those are my favorite. As girly as girly can get. I like to think that if I were an older woman in the 70s and I had no allergies to dust, I would have the same curtains adorning my windows. The wallpaper? As we’ve said, it speaks for itself.

So we had plans originally to do more work in the master bathroom  than we ended up doing, due to lack of funding, contractor contempt, and just plain exhaustion. That being said, I am very happy with the major changes we DID make, and excited for the potential that is to come.

First off, the vanity smelled just like the kitchen cabinets did, and HAD to go. The formica “faux marble” counter, while we so wished we could keep it, went too. Buhbyee!  Those darn built-in things, let’s just say we had some large holes in the wall to fill in, and the men got their frustrations out. Thankfully my father-in-law-to-be took care of the talking wallpaper for us. So we were left with some bare walls, and a fun but tiny space to work with! The things that stayed: the toilet, the mirror, the floor (ugly, but cost-effective), and the shower (I’ll get to that in a minute).

The cabinetry is the same as what you saw in the guest bathroom, white shaker style with decorative brushed nickel hardware. Cabinet install by Dad, and hardware by yours truly. The counter top, fabulous and wonderful, was quite an adventure to find..


It’s really called blue quartzite, but the man who showed it to me used a much more sophisticated term, that sold me before I even saw it. He called it, “Blue Sparkly.” He was hesitant at first to even bring it up, because apparently some people don’t want sparkles let alone blue counters with sparkles, but when my eyes lit up at the words “blue sparkly,” I swear he did a happy dance. You see, his boss was pushing him to sell the remnants of it, and it was not easy to find a buyer. ‘Till I came in that is. The funny thing was, when I showed pictures of it pre-install, everyone seemed to say they liked it just to placate me, but once it was installed, I got “WOW!, that’s awesome!” and “I love that, it’s perfect!” so I know they were just a little nervous, and didn’t see my vision. But I wasn’t nervous, I knew it would be perfect. Its blue, and its sparkly, for goodness sake. Bonus with quartz? It’s non-porous, and perfect for the bathroom. No water stains! I also requested a taller-than-normal backsplash to help cover up the holes from the built-in pink things. It looks really good in the tiny space that we had to fill.


Next we (and by we, I mean my parents) added the same white wainscoting to this bathroom to help cover the beaten up walls. Ages of wallpaper and built-in things coming down can do a number on them. I painted them a lovely tidewater blue because we had some leftover, and it worked well with the counter color. I installed the towel rack and the hand towel hook, and we decided to use a standing toilet paper holder because that corner is really cramped as it is. As you can see, I painted the existing light fixtures. Refer back to my previous post, Shedding a New Light to see how I did it!

Here’s a few pictures of the bathroom in all its glory:


img_0912As for the shower, it’s fine, and functional…but a little cramped, not unlike the rest of the bathroom. Luckily for us it butts up agains two closets, and we live in a ranch so there is room to go UP and OUT. This is the process we decided to put off for now, until we get married or hit the lotto. Whichever comes first. Either way, it will happen eventually (future post to look forward to). The shower itself isn’t terrible. It’s got a nice glass door and…a bonus built-in pink soap holder! Too bad I use body wash but hey, the Hunny loves it. The only additions I put in the shower were a new shower head, and a hanging shower rack because I absolutely hate putting my stuff on the floor of the shower. You would understand if you had long hair and like to leave your conditioner in for more than one second. I find the tile to be hideous, but that’s neither here nor there. Besides, I don’t want to know what it would say about me!




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