Mr. Observant

Hello, future Mrs. Observant here, Just wanted to share why renovating a house with a man can be truly entertaining…

I am happily at the point where I get to play and put up decorative things around the house, some simply for show and some functional. So this week my To Do list included some pictures to hang in the guest bedroom, make a sign to hang in the bathroom, and paint and hang a pretty metal and wood shelf in our master bathroom. I reallllllly love to do small things around the house and wait to see how long it takes my hunny to notice them.  Honestly, if it doesn’t go in the middle of the room, on the bed, or anywhere near the beverage center, usually he doesn’t see it, and I end up showing him anyway. I like to call him Mr. Observant, you know, on account of the northern sarcasm I grew up with.

Tuesday I had some time to put the last coat of paint on the shelf, and I installed it above the toilet, high enough that no one sitting on the toilet or standing up from the toilet could ever hit their head. It does not even stick out far enough for anyone to possibly reach it with their head for that matter. I got it perfectly level, set up my things, and smiled to myself in the mirror, “He’s gonna notice this one, I mean, he HAS to..”

Honestly, I can’t even make this up. He made it through the entire night, and nothing. He had gone in to throw away a tissue (the trash is right next to the toilet), and not only does he not see it, but somehow when he stands up he manages to wack his head right into the darn thing.. “WHAT THE? Where did that come from? When did you do that?!?” Words I have heard so many times before, but could not answer because I was about to pee my pants laughing (a bit ironic). Since I was not going to be able to respond anytime soon, he just walked out of the bathroom looking really proud of himself, (despite the ego blowing head bashing), and exclaims, “And you say I never notice anything!”

Oh my love.

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