Green with Envy?

Remember this from post #1?img_9972It’s time to reveal the renovated guest bathroom…Minus new lights of course (see previous lighting post for that story)


Here you can see we replaced the vanity, toilet, and sink. The beautiful new vanity is white with shaker style doors and brushed nickel hardware adorned with small rope details.

fullsizerenderNewly-painted shutters!


The new vanity and faucet were installed by my father (thanks Dad!), but I am proud to say that I drilled all the holes and installed the hardware myself. It was a pain, but made easier with the awesome template tool my mom bought, and my trusty level and electric drill. I also installed the new toilet paper holder and towel bar (from Bed Bath).

The toilet was installed by 3 men, and we won’t mention anything that might have been missing..We love the wainscoting that my parents installed (painted by my hunny’s parents) because it added the beachy touch that we wanted. It also covered up the holes from the built-in green toilet paper holder and towel rack. Win! My Dad installed the new curved shower curtain rod (Bed Bath), which required a special drill bit since there was only tile to drill into.

The granite counter was installed by Dernis, and they did a good job with the install. There is never a dull moment when it comes to renovations though..You see, this was not the original choice for the counter. A beautiful white quartz remnant was what we chose, but alas it was cut incorrectly and did not work out as it was the only one of its kind. I might seem cavalier about it now, but I was not really that happy at the time to have to go back and pick something else after waiting for the first one. However, in the end, we are actually very happy it worked out the way it did, because we love the blue counter even more. Everything happens for a reason!

To save a little money, we did keep the original floors, and shower tile (greeeen) but toned it down with some light blue-green rugs (Target), a nautical shower curtain containing both blue and green colors (Bed Bath), and had the tub painted white (looks great, highly recommend it). When we bought the house we knew that there was an existing leak coming from the glass faucet knobs in the shower. Our trusty plumber/handy man extraordinaire Larry helped us out majorly and converted the old 2-faucet shower plumbing to a single handle and did lots more that I don’t understand but made it all better!



I painted the walls a color called “green trance” from Sherwin Williams, (after priming them of course) and was very happy with the outcome. I chose this color because it really brightens up the room, which is pretty narrow and only has the small window for natural light. It also brightened up the green in the tile, which is kind of dull on its own. Despite the name, the color is not too green, and compliments the light blue colors in the rugs and shower curtain. One thing I did in here that was helpful was paint a few swatches of different colors next to the tile on the wall to make sure it worked with the existing green tile and didn’t clash.

So there it is, No more Nausea!


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