A Coastal Christmas 

Growing up on the Coast of Long Island Christmas looked like 4 feet of snow or more on the ground that lingered for months at a time, and often got replenished. We had to winterize the boat and didn’t dream of going to the beach for anything. You bundled up so much to go out and play you couldn’t identify your friends. We had snow forts and families of snowmen, and pretty much always had a white Christmas. Things are a little bit different on the Coast futher south. The first winter we spent here we discovered it real quickly..

12 Signs that you’ve moved to Coastal Virginia (during Christmas time):

1. It’s 75 degrees on Christmas Day so you go for a walk on the beach..

2. You can go whale watching and you don’t need all your winter gear to bundle up..


3. You don’t actually own any winter gear to bundle up..

4. The lights show at the beach includes anchors, crabs, and tridents amongst wreaths, holly and Wise Men..

5. The weather can start off at 30 degrees on Monday and be 65 by Wednesday and 76 on Friday only to be 35 on Saturday..

6. You hear people say “it’s going to be freezing out tomorrow” and when you check the forecast it’s supposed to be a low of 40 degrees.

7. Young Natives can claim they have never built a snowman in their life.

8. The star on top of your tree is actually a starfish.

9. All the Santas and snowmen in your house seem to be fishing or in a bathing suit.

10. School is closed because the weatherman said there’s a 30% chance we will have a light dusting of snow somewhere in a 50 mile radius.

11. The city shuts down because there was a light dusting of snow and there’s no bottled water left at Walmart.

12. There are two snow plows in the city.. School is closed for a week, get comfy and enjoy the beach!

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