Coastal Kitchen

By far, the most-used room in the house is the kitchen. We love to cook and entertain, and since we don’t yet have a dining room set, we use the kitchen ALL the time. In fact, as I write, I am sitting in our little dining nook with some coffee, looking at the water outside, and all the different shades of teal inside, and I am completely at ease.

When we bought the house our plans changed a million times. As I am sure is pretty typical, we started off trying to “refurbish” and save money where we could. We had every intention of keeping the white tiled floors, most of the white appliances, and painting the existing cabinets and just taking down the tiki hut awning that adorned them. (see photo below) Because really, it wasn’t that bad of a kitchen to begin with…

Until we opened the cabinets and an overpowering smell knocked us on our behinds. They had to go. So our plans changed a bit. We decided to get new counters and new cabinets, and keep the rest as is. Then we discovered the fridge had a leak, and rust so we decided OK new fridge. Have you ever tried to buy a white fridge these days? We were SO limited, that we decided we had to go with stainless, but then, it would look weird. So we decided to replace the microwave as well, since that thing was ancient. I could continue on, but long story short..we gutted the whole dang thing.

Our kitchen completely transformed and we are SO happy that we ended up doing it, because everything looks new and smells new. You might be asking, where is the DIY part of this? Aside from the hours and hours I spent on design, searching for the right cabinets, hardware, appliances, granite, faucet/sink, (don’t forget the flooring), backsplash tile, paint color to match the backsplash tile, here’s what we did: My mom installed the new tile backsplash (I watched/learned/cleaned up but was too afraid to mess up our very expensive kitchen to do much of it). My hunny installed the new white electrical outlets, I painted the walls, and my Dad installed the new lights and ceiling fan. I’d share our contractor’s name but, I work with kids and my mantra is, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Here is what weeks of research and design led to, and I have to say I am pretty pleased with the results (sorry for some of the glare, our track lighting is powerful):





One other part of our kitchen that we use pretty much every day is the wine bar. I saved the best for last of course. There was this random part of the kitchen that had a built in desk, and I really wanted to design something that could function more in our everyday life. So, I told the peeps that I wanted some glass door cabinets on either side of a wine rack and hanging stemware rack, and then space for a built-in wine/beverage cooler down below. Here is the before and after (with some Christmas decorations):

img_9961 winebar


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