Power Painting

Let’s just say I have created a whole new workout for you ladies and I think you’ll be pleased. Not only does it shape and tone your body but it contributes to the beautification of your home at the same time. You’re welcome.

Step one: Bicep Curls
You will have to lift the full paint cans a few times as you pour into your trays and then you will lift your paint soaked roller (the more you paint the heavier it gets) throughout the painting process, so get ready for some toned arms.

Step two: Squats
You will do more squats painting a room than you’ll ever be asked to do in any bootcamp. All the bottom trim/edging will need some precision so you have to get up close and personal. Each time you bend down to paint you do a squat, and then you can even do some walking squats as you move along the wall. BONUS. Your butt and thighs have never looked better!

Step three: Calf raises
If you’re a woman, chances are you are not tall enough to get through a room with a hand roller and NOT do about 100 calf raises. Getting coverage up high means getting on those toes. Channel your inner ballerina ladies, we are gonna be on pointe all day!

Step four: Child’s pose
Honestly by now you just wanna die. Curl up in a ball, and get a foot rub from your hunny.

Painting this house was my biggest personal feat. It was really cool to be able to say that I did it myself, with the help of my Mom and our team of family of course. But I didn’t have to hire someone and that felt good. (Don’t worry I paid my mom, but in manicures/pedicures and homemade dinners!) The most fun was choosing the colors. My color palate had the 4 essential colors on the color wheel: light blues, dark blues, gray blues, and blue-greens.  I chose colors with water-related names like tidewater, great falls, sea salt, watery, drizzle, rock candy, gray screen, and green trance (ok so the last three not so much, but they went with the coastal palate). Thank you Sherwin Williams! Before this, I had never really painted a whole room before, and I had a LOT to learn. By the end of the renovation I felt like a pro, painting our built-ins with glass doors all by myself, and no tape!

These were the most important things I learned during my first adventures of painting TEN rooms in our house:

  1. It really helps to have a team if you are painting an entire house. My team was my parents, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and fiance. Everyone had a task whether it be wallpaper duty (sorry guys), ceiling roller (helps if your dad is 6’5″), door painter (thanks hun) or washer/wall prep (thanks Patti). Each one is SUPER important! My mom pretty much helped with all of the above and then helped paint (Supermom).
  2. When painting textured walls, don’t just go up and down like they do in the movies. Act like you’re chasing an erratic spider. This helps with better coverage and less coats of paint in the long run. Also, if you do happen to roll over a spider on a textured wall, its cool. It dries and no one will know 😉
  3. If you are painting over walls that once had hideous wall paper on them for decades, make sure you have a team who will take it all down, and then sand down and prep the walls first or there will be consequences. This process takes longer than you think, and you can’t paint until it’s done.
  4. Always Prime the walls if you are going over ANY color, and especially if you are painting paneling. In that case, the more primer the better! You will use less color paint in the end, which is way more expensive than primer. Sadly, priming is super boring because you don’t get the fun effect of color, but still, do it.
  5. If you are painting a wall, and your roller happens to go THROUGH the wall, it is likely that the previous owner did a really bad job of patching a previous hole in said wall. Really bad job. Try not to feel too awful. Just laugh, because you’ll be frustrated and want to cry after all that painting you just did!
  6. I found it was most rewarding to do the hard parts first. Paint the trim/edging first, because it takes forever and does not really feel like you are doing much. Then you can grab the roller and cover the main parts of the wall in 1-2-3. Plus you can dance when you roll, which makes it more fun.
  7. Which brings me to my last point, and most important of all. Water, Music, Alcohol. Get it. Got it? Good.

Here’s just a few examples of what a little paint can do to a room:



for a tutorial on how to paint a brick fireplace, see this post: Gray Wash







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