Vacuum Aerobics


Our first major project of the house was to install flooring. The moldy green shag carpet just had to go (sorry, but no). Unfortunately for us there was only particle board subfloor underneath so we had no choice but to find something floating or bang out another hefty check for better subfloor. I remind you we just bought our first house.  So we decided to go with engineered hardwoods and float that baby right over.  We did not trust ourselves and our lack of any skills whatsoever to do the install, so we paid “professionals” to drive us insane instead. Choosing the right wood took FOREVER, which is silly since I had only one thing in mind..Coastal beach house. We ended up with a very light wire brushed oak with a wide plank and some cool texture to it, and I absolutely love it. Until it’s time to vacuum that is. As you can imagine, 2,000+ square feet of hardwoods with a dinky vacuum you had for apartment living does not a clean floor make. If you want to create a very frustrating situation for yourself, accidentally leave your brushroll on and follow your dust particles all over the room, shooting them away and chasing after them until you get so frustrated you just sweep them up instead. That will not only humble you, but also provide you with a quarter of your steps for the day. Win-win!

Here is the before photo of the same room shown above.. pea soup anyone?


an up-close shot with the True-color showing


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